Beck Bros was more of an idea for the first year. After seeing a need for someone that could fix bikes and help source parts Beck Bros BMX moved forward from concept to licensed business. None of the other mobile BMX specific businesses in Washington were actively serving the Moses Lake, Washington area; no fault on them because they are on the other side of the mountains and don't make it out to Eastern Washington that often. On a personal level we buy stuff from those guys too. Our goal is to provide racer support at a local level to the riders and tracks of Eastern Washington.

Beck Bros BMX is two brothers; one runs the business, and the other one just suggests ideas and would rather be surfing. In the 1980's one of us just wanted to go as fast as possible and the other was messing around with freestyle and reading about surfing. BMX was different then. Let's keep this rolling; like most kids our interests changed. In the 1990's the mountain bikes took over; they were fast and fun. GT Performers gave way to Trek's and Marin's. Soon those gave way to automobiles and adult life. Bike riding was now a means of transport around neighborhoods or campgrounds.

Bringing it to 2020, surfer bro mentioned to the other bro about BMX racing and getting the kids into it. That's where we are now. And as old men (both over 40, that's old in this sport) we aren't as skillful as we once were. We no longer bend, we break. That doesn't mean we can't have a good time riding a cruiser or mid-school bike off the gate and down the straights. It's for all the kids really. We want to help keep the race alive for this generation.

Why don't we carry 'all the brands' and have a huge pile of inventory?

BMX racing bikes and parts are a niche market and many bike shops no longer carry these items due to BMX not being as popular as it once was. E-bikes, commuters, and mountain biking are where the 'money' is in the cycling world. It can also be hard to become an independent dealer for some brands because the brand is owned by a conglomerate mega-corporation who prefer to deal in volume with large retailers that have big stores with lots of wall space to hang gear. The BMX racing market is low volume, low demand. We continually work on adding brands to what we offer though.

Why don't we have an online store?

We're not there yet, and we still prefer to do business in person to make sure you're buying the parts you want and that fit. Why order a part and hassle yourself with returning it because it won't work? Let us help you get the right part the first time.

What forms of payment do we take?

Cash, Paypal, Venmo, Square (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover)

Do we take trade-ins if buying a new bike?

It depends. Are you bringing a race bike your rider has outgrown that we can rebuild because your rider needs the next size up? Let's talk.

Do we take payments?

It depends. What are you buying and how well do we know you?

Will you figure out kind of bike I need and buy or build it for me?


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