What can we do for you?

Fix a bike you just bought at the department store? We do that.

Repairs? We have tools and know how to use them. Mostly anyway.

Inspections? Inspections are free.

Tune-ups? We do that.

Parts? Our advice is probably just as bad as anyone else's.

Wheel truing? Don't wait until your rims are caddywhompus. It can destroy them. And then we'll have to sell you new wheels.

If you need parts let us know. We don't charge over retail and sometimes we can get the parts for less.

We can find a solution for your budget.

a bicycle tire with a red rim
a bicycle tire with a red rim
gray and black bicycle wheel
gray and black bicycle wheel
black and silver bicycle wheel
black and silver bicycle wheel
Workshop Services
Protective Gear
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black mountain bike gear set
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person in black and orange helmet and black jacket
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Current Rates

Tune Up:

Brand new bike from a dept store before it's ridden: $40

BMX: $40

Road: $60

Hardtail/DJ: $60

Full Suspension: $80

Tune-up includes cleaning/degreasing, lubricating, inspection, and adjusting of brakes and chain tension. If you need grips, chain, brake pads, or seat just buy the parts and we'll include the labor in the tune-up fee.


Chain tension adjustment: $5

Chain replacement: $10 + parts

Chainring removal & install: $10 + parts

Crank and Bottom Bracket installation:

One piece (incl. bearings + races): $30

Two piece or square taper: $20

Three piece: $30

Custom Fit: Shop Rate

Derailleur Adjustment + Indexing (each location): $20

Shifter Install + Indexing (each location): $20

Internally Geared Hubs - adjust, overhaul: Shop Rate


Adjustment (each location): Free (unless it's some sort of weird system)

Bleeding (hydraulic): $30

Install rim brake pads (each location): $5

Install disc brake pads (each location): $10

Install new cables:

external routed: $10 + parts

internal routed: Shop Rate + parts

Frame & Build Services:

Headsets - remove, install, overhaul:

Internal: $20 + parts

External: $30 + parts

Unboxing and Assembly/Prep: $40-$100

Restorations: Shop Rate

Custom builds: Shop Rate

We can get stuff powdercoated... we know a guy. And he is a professional painter/coater that does it right.


True (per wheel): $30

Builds and Spoke Replacements - Contact Us

Hub bearing service (per hub): $15

Tire change (per tire): $10

Tube change (per tube): $5 - $10

Tubeless tire service: varies; you might need a plug, you might need a new valve, you'll need sealant

Estimates and Quotes are free. Like any mechanic these are general prices and can go up or down depending on what your bike needs, plus combining work also saves on labor costs. Prices below do not include parts. These rates are to give you an idea of what it will cost.

E-bikes are not covered by these rates. See our FAQ.

Shop Labor Rate: $50/hr

The price is more like what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rates.

-Captain Barbossa about our labor rates