The idea of Beck Bros started from an off-hand comment. One of us brought BMX back to the other and got kids involved in riding. With 5 of us racing (briefly) the statement "Got our own Beck Bros BMX team up in here" was spoken.

Beck Bros is two brothers if you haven't guessed that. As of today one runs the business (and does the work) and the other one does whatever. Last I checked he was experimenting with surfing. Anyway, in the 1980's we like BMX. One bro had more talent than the other, but we probably both sucked at it. Regardless, we liked to ride. In the 80's the bike was a kid's best buddy. In the 1990's mountain bikes took over the bike scene. In those days they were just road frames with knobby tires, and no one knew anything about trail rating systems. You just rode and if someone fell off a cliff you made sure to tell everyone there was a cliff was there for future reference.

After a long hiatus from bikes we began dabbling in BMX racing. Things have changed in cycling sports, but people still need bikes and repairs. It had been some time since we last rode, but it came back to us. That gives truth to the saying, "It'll come back to you, just like riding a bicycle." It does, but when you are much older the crashes hurt a lot more. You thought crashing at 10 was hard? Try it at 40. It's less than graceful and more than painful.

Do we carry every brand and have a huge pile of inventory?

We are always adding brands. Some distributors prefer bigger shops with bigger orders, so we can't get every brand. Also, we don't want to have to build a warehouse in our backyard to stockpile inventory. We try to keep a lot of things in stock, but sometimes it doesn't make sense to stock 10 Shimano XTR groupsets or 50 Fly Racing helmets.

When will the online store be fully operational?

We're working on it. It's more work than I feel like doing right now.

What forms of payment do we take?

Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Gold, Diamonds, Platinum,

Do we take trade-ins if buying a new bike?

Yeah, but it really depends on what are you trading and what are you buying.

Do we take payments?

We are looking into setting up a 3rd party (Affirm, Klarna,etc.) to take payments on big items.

Will you help figure out the kind of bike I want and help buy it or help build it for me?

Yes, we're here to help.

Can you fix gear shifters and the gear changer thingy?


Do you work on e-bikes?

Depends on what is wrong with it. We'll look at it, but we make no guarantees if we will work on it or fix it. E-bikes vary in quality, type, setup, batteries, software, and usage. Working on e-bikes is more like working on a motorcycle than a bicycle. They are harder on tires. Most ebike problems we've found come from the battery. Lithium batteries have a finite life and if your battery is over 3 years old it is mighty suspect, pardner.

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